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Event Details

Join us in the running of the 35th Annual Crater Lake Rim Runs and Marathon held in beautiful Crater Lake National Park, Oregon on August 14, 2010 starting at 7:30am. Choose between runs of 6.7, 13.0 miles and the Marathon, or if you are a walker, the 6.7 mile walk. All courses are along the very rim of majestic Crater Lake and are at altitudes ranging from 5,980 to 7,850 feet above sea level. Be challenged by rugged mountains and breathtaking views.

"I've never run this well in my life, and I just felt a lot of faith and prayer and that helped. I just couldn't have done this on my own."   Lore Hancock, 1997 Women's 6.7 Champion

Field: The field is limited to a combined total of 500 on a first come - first served basis.

Age Restrictions: Participants must be at least 10 years of age for the 6.7 mile run or walk, 16 years of age for the 13.0 mile run and 18 years of age for the marathon.

Course Closures: Please be aware of the following official closing times for the three courses. (6.7 Run - 9:30am) (6.7 Walk - 10:00am) (13.0 Run - 10:00am) (26.2 Run - 1:00pm) Walkers will be limited to the 6.7 mile event only - please, no exceptions.

To Enter: Complete the entry form and send to: Crater Lake Rim Runs, 5830 Mack Avenue, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603. Please be sure to enclose the proper fee. (6.7 mile run or walk - $50.00) (13.0 mile run - $65.00) (26.2 mile run - $90.00) Late fee is an additional $20.00 for registrations received after July 31, 2009. Checks should be made out to Crater Lake Rim Runs. Registration is open March 1, 2010 and will close August 12, 2010 or when the maximum amount of entries have been received. REGISTRATION IS NOT PERMITTED IN THE PARK. ENTRIES ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE AND NON-REFUNDABLE.

Acceptance: You will be notified by mail of your acceptance which will include your number, pins and race day information. All others will have their entry form and registration fee returned.

"I kept pushing, kept moving. I run hills in Vermont, but....."  Laurie Greenberg, 2002 13.0 mile Champion.

Awards: Male and female overall event winners will be presented with engraved tankards. All finishers will receive a commemorative medal and shirt. ALL AWARDS, MEDALS AND SHIRTS MUST BE PICKED UP AT THE CONCLUSION OF YOUR RACE. AWARDS, ETC. WILL NOT BE MAILED.

"This is a very unique run, and being so close to nature - I think that's why you see the people here that you do." Toby Skinner, 1985 Marathon Champion.

Age Group Awards: Plaques will be awarded to age group winners, ribbons to fifth place, both male and female in each run. Divisions are as follows: (12 and under)(13-19)(20-29)(30-39)(40-49)(50-59)(60-69)(70 and above). ALL AWARDS MUST BE PICKED UP AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE AWARDS CEREMONY.

"Anytime you run a marathon it's an experience. Running a marathon at Crater Lake is an awesome experience."  Paul Reese, Veteran Marathoner.

Dressing-Showers-Lodging: Limited dressing or showering facilities are available at Mazama Campground in the Park. Lodging is available in the Park and in Klamath Falls, Fort Klamath, Chiloquin, Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland, Bend or Roseburg. Campgrounds are available in and around the park.

"The scenery is beautiful and really helps (blot out the pain)."  Katherine Nelson, 1999 Marathon Champion

Transportation: Buses will provide transportation to the start line and back from finish lines as follows: Loading area for those staying in the Mazama Motor Motel or Campground will be in the Mazama Village parking area. Loading area for those driving in on race day will be at the Rim Village parking area. Those staying at the Lodge will walk to the bus loading area in the Rim Village parking area. Please check for any last minute parking instructions.

"It was an exhilarating race. This is about the greatest day of my life and tomorrow will be even better."  Andrew Bielecki, 1992 Marathon Champion.

Aid Stations: Electrolytes, water and sponges will be available approximately every two miles beginning at 3.0 miles. Watermelon, pop & bagels will be available at the finish areas as well.

"It's something you can feel like you've really done something, just by finishing it or getting to the top of the hill."   Karen Rayle, 1997 Women's Marathon Champion.

Medical Assistance: There will be a medical team at Cleetwood Cove (finish of 6.7 mile). There will also be a medical team trailing the runs. Emergency medical and communications will be available at each aid station.

"I remember all the marathons I've run in, and I'll never forget this one."  Paul Langston after his 51st marathon in 47 weeks.

Weather Conditions: The weather is generally in the 50's at the start of the race and low to mid 70's around 1:00pm. Runners should come prepared for extremes - lows have been in the 30's and highs in the mid 90's.

"I think it's a beautiful, kind of unique race. It's truly a beautiful course."  Joyce Richter, 2001 6.7 mile Champion

Pre-Run: Those of you who are staying in and around the Park are welcome to attend a video presentation "The Rim and Its Runners". This will be shown at the Steel Visitor Center (headquarter area) beginning at 6:00pm Friday, August 7, 2009.

"It's a good race, a well-organized race and I came here because my family likes it."  Cheryl Tronson, 1993 6.7 mile Champion.

Course: The course is paved roads, except the last four miles of the Marathon which is dirt/pumice cinders. Traffic is limited or monitored. All three courses have long grades with altitude loss and gains nearing 1,000 feet at a time over distances nearing five miles.

"It was a nice run for the first ten miles. On the first climb it sinks in real quick that this will be a tough race. I would have just been happy to win my age group."  Ted Pawlik,  1996 13.0 mile Champion.

Sponsors: A special THANK YOU to the following area merchants.

Pepsi Cola of Klamath Falls

Smith-Bates Printing & Design

Wynne Broadcasting Company


Course Records:


6.7 Walk - (2008) Parker Housman, Klamath Falls, (54:40)

6.7 Run  -  (1983) Tom Ansberry, Tucson, AZ (32.38)

13.0 Run - (1988) Ric Sayre, Ashland, OR (1:09.20)

26.2 Run - (1997) Bekele Tesfaye, Gardena, CA (2:38.34)


6.7 Walk - (2003) Cathy Cooper, Klamath Falls, OR (1:02.21)

6.7 Run  -  (1987) Sandy Rowan, Klamath Falls, OR (39.39)

13.0 Run - (1995) Rosa Guiterrez, San Jose, CA (1:24.14)

26.2 Run - (2008) Jenn Shelton, Roseburg, OR (3:15.01)


2009 Champions:


6.7 Walk - Wayman King, 53:46

6.7 Run  -  Kirby Garlitz, 36:22

13.0 Run - David Carruth, 1:26.38

26.2 Run - Nicolas Karr, 2:46.21


6.7 Walk - Aubrey Russell, 1:03.53

6.7 Run  -  McCayla Claver, 44:55

13.0 Run - Camelia Mayfield, 1:50.45

26.2 Run - Becky Kirschenmann, 3:34.33


Approximate Elevation and Distance:

Total Up Hill Elevation    
Distance Down Hill Start Variance Common Name
0   7600'   The Watchman
.5 +.5 7650' +50 Hillman
2.0 -1.5 7253' -397 N. Junction
3.0 +1.0 7450' +197 Llao Rock
6.5 -3.5 6750' -700 Base of Cleetwood
6.7 +.2 6850' +100 Cleetwood Cove
        (End of 6.7 Race)
6.9 +.2 6900' +50 Top of Cleetwood
8.6 -1.7 6700' -100 Mazama Rock
9.2 +.6 6800' +100 Round Top
9.6 -.4 6718' -82 Wine Glass
11.5 +1.9 7150' +400 Skull Head
13.0 +1.5 7650' +532 Scotts Bluff
        (End of 13.0 Race)
13.5 +.5 7700' +50 Cloud Cap 1
14.5 +1.0 7850' +50 Cloud Cap Turn
15.5 -1.0 7700' -50 Cloud Cap 2
17.5 -2.0 7300' -550 Castle Rock
19.0 -1.5 6753' -447 Kerr Notch
21.0 -2.0 6350' -350 The Pinnacles
22.3 -1.3 5980' -370 Lost Creek Camp
24.5 +2.2 6450' +470 Grayback Turnaround
26.2 -1.7 5980' -470 Lost Creek Camp
        (Marathon Finish)

Map of Course